my works


Jade Heart (Fiction), Vox Viola Literary Magazine (2019)

What Goes Around (Poetry Microchap), Origami Poems (2019)

Three Poems (Poetry), The Fictional Café (2019)

Elisabeth (Fiction), Canvas Literary Journal (2019)

Etymology (Fiction), What Are Birds (2019)

The Art Show (Fiction), Blue Marble Review (2019)

Foliage (Poetry), The Harpoon Review (2019)

This is How I Die (Flash Fiction), K’in Literary Journal (2019)

Holding Up the Sky (Nonfiction), Cosmonauts Avenue (2018)

All the Above (Nonfiction), The Mire (2018)

With Family (Fiction), Hello (Fiction), Computerized (Fiction), etc., Teen Ink (2015)


Cactus (Fiction), TRACK//FOUR (2019)

Awards & Honors:

Two Honorable Mentions, four Silver Keys, and one Gold Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Southeast Region-At-Large (2017-19)

Scholastics Award Summer Scholarship Recipient (2019)