on the social response to the coronavirus

And the award of the year’s stupidest tweet goes to…

Image result for peta tweets coronavirus

Thanks PETA for caring more about advancing their political agenda than human lives being destroyed.

The assumption that somehow the word we use to call a virus have any inherent connection with the name for people who eat meat draws on a rhetoric that appeals to people who don’t think for themselves, for people who are so privileged they can’t seem to even consider putting themselves in someone else’s shoes, for people who would in turn tweet things like:

Thank you, Denny B.

To be fair, I am very, very impressed at how stupid someone can be.

Because of the muddled public understanding of the Coronavirus, there has been a significant amount of 1. racists, 2. people calling out the racists, and 3. racists using their racism trying to deflect the “claims” of racism.

As many other than me have tried to explain, the part that is racist is not the masks, nor washing your hands (in fact, please do wash your hands). The parts that are racist is telling a Chinese person that they “deserve” this, that it is because of their “filthy eating habits”, which PETA fully jumped on board to further their agenda. So, here’s to make it real simple for you:

  1. No, we don’t eat bats. Do you?
  2. Be informed of the virus. Stop making assumptions.
  3. Stop being so protective of your ego if someone tells you what you said was racist. It’s not a good look.
  4. And no, Denny B. Washing your hands is not racist. But your entire tweet was. And because you don’t see that, I feel very bad for you.

The lack of empathy towards Wuhan, China, and Chinese-Americans is simply previously subtle racist becoming very blatant after a tragedy has happened. Nurses and doctors are working tirelessly, constantly. Many have been quarantined within their homes for the past month. Schools have been temporarily shut down. Students who study abroad can’t go home to their families. People’s lives have been lost. So for God’s sake, stop making the world a worse place than it already is.

3 thoughts on “on the social response to the coronavirus

  1. I love this so much you go girl!!! You literally said everything I have thought about this topic the past month. As someone who is both Chinese and an American I’m sorry you have to go through this BS. It’s outrageous and you all deserve better. You deserve people who care.

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