i took the pottermore sorting hat quiz again three years later

Spoiler: I didn’t get the same house.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m slightly obsessed with Harry Potter. Just a little bit. Anyone who really knows me understands that this isn’t true. At one point in my life, I could recite a good amount of the first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone.

As a loyal potterhead, I of course had to take the official Pottermore quiz when it first came out in 2012 (This was before I had left for the States. Why does this matter? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that it does.) The result was what I had mostly expected – I was a Ravenclaw. I had always loved reading, always been fascinated with why ants “move houses” whenever there’s a storm, always considered myself a nerd at heart (I did learn the first chapter of Harry Potter).

Well, in the spirits of a true Ravenclaw, I took the test twice (the questions change) just to make sure the result of the first test wasn’t a fluke (creating a whole new account just for it). I got Ravenclaw again.

I was overjoyed. Even when reading Harry Potter, I had loved Luna and Ravenclaw (despite J.K.’s rather unfortunate portrayal of Cho Chang. We’ll get into that later). Hermione was always my favorite among the golden trio – and the most Ravenclaw-like. Ideals of exploration and constant learning appealed to me, as I never really particularly identified with being brave or standing up for myself.

Seven years later, three years after I’d left home for the States, I retook the sorting quiz, and as I’ve said before, I got a new house.

Gryffindor? Nah. Slytherine? I did see Slytherine qualities in myself, but as my main house? Nope.

You guessed it. I was sorted into…

the one, the only, newt scamander’s house

In the Harry Potter series, Hufflepuff was always the house that had been overshadowed, the house for, in Draco Malfoy’s words, “losers”.

Of course, as the Harry Potter universe expands beyond the book and with the advent of Fantastic Beasts, we know that this isn’t true. Hufflepuffs are some of the most inclusive, hardworking, loyal, nice people, and with each year I spend away from home, I start to value these qualities more and more, which is probably why I’ve become more Hufflepuff-like.

As a part of the more “social-justice minded” generation (according to some source that I read a long time ago), I believe it’s important not to overlook the “Hufflepuff” qualities, as Hufflepuffs are almost never world leaders, never speech makers, never soloists, but in the background supporting the more boisterous people (Gryffindors mostly). Hufflepuffs are not flashy; they won’t show you their recent A on an English paper if they believe you hadn’t done as well.

If I had to compare each house to a part of a band, Hufflepuffs are the bass players. Slytherines would probably be on drums. Gryffindors the singers/guitarists. Ravenclaws would be at the keyboard.

(Tom Holland once said in an interview that he’d definitely be a Gryffindor. But let’s be real. He’s a Hufflepuff if I’ve ever seen one.)

The point of this post I guess is that we really are defined (at least partially) by our values (and only our real values, not pretend ones. Mr. Shiftlet, looking at you). And our values change, constantly. In a world that is growing and evolving all the time, we have to change with it. And I guess that throughout these seven years, I believed that changing into a Hufflepuff would best suite the times.

(Also, I don’t understand my Patronus.)

2 thoughts on “i took the pottermore sorting hat quiz again three years later

  1. I get a different patronus every time so I don’t think it means too much. Also, there is a video on YouTube titled “tom holland being a hufflepuff for 4 minutes straight”. He’s such a Hufflepuff.

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