spider-man: far from home

Rating: 5/5

(Minor Spoilers; Major Spoilers if you haven’t seen Endgame)

This movie made my dad like Marvel, which was quite a feat.

Far From Home was action-packed, funny, and at times heart-wrenching. It balanced well Peter’s personal life with his superhero one, as we can see a definite shift from the kid who’s only dream was to be an Avenger in Homecoming to one who just wants to live a normal life. This portrayal was extremely realistic, especially after Tony’s death in Endgame.

The character of Peter Parker is terrific. Tom Holland’s version nailed the awkward, nerdy teenager that Spiderman was meant to be. Peter’s budding romance with Michelle Jones, or MJ (reminiscent of Mary Jane), is realistic in that awkward teenage way. I also loved that MJ got a lot more character development and, to no one’s surprise, turns out to be a badass. (For some reason, I couldn’t find an actual photo of MJ holding a mace, so this funko pop will have to do.)

we love a complex female character

Another surprising (yet delightful) character turned out to be Flash. Throughout the movie, Flash is always on Instagram live, broadcasting his every movement in Europe. He is seen to “idolize” Spiderman yet called Peter Parker a “dickwad”. In one of the last scenes, where Peter’s friends were trapped in a museum where they all thought they were going to die, Flash admitted to only doing the Instagram lives to have people like him. Another tiny scene at the end where the school trip finally returns to the States shows Flash asking an official-looking woman whether his mom was there, to which she responds that she wasn’t. These two small scenes gave a lot of character development to the traditional “bully” of the Spiderman universe.

The other characters, Happy, May, Nick Fury, and of course Ned were all fabulous as always.

Being a dummy, I predicted a plot twist mostly different from the one that actually made it into the movie (and was a lot better than mine). Mysterio’s character was great, and I loved the multi-faceted aspect of him and his team once Peter gave him Edith.

Visuals were spectacular. We watched Far From Home in 3D, which at first, I wasn’t too happy about, but later turned out to be quite rewarding.

Far From Home takes place after Endgame, where the characters (and the world) has to deal with the absence of Iron Man. Peter especially feels his loss, and at – let’s just say his “low point” – has a minor breakdown. We are also shown scenes were Tony is climbing out of the grave. It is an impact that develops Peter’s character arc throughout this movie, as he doubts whether he’ll ever be able to be the world’s next Iron Man.

All in all, it was a fantastic new addition to the MCU. Any avid Marvel fan will find themselves greatly enjoying this one.

3 thoughts on “spider-man: far from home

    1. i have a couple of favorites; far from home is definitely up there. i really loved endgame because of the character development (esp. for tony and steve), black panther was amazing (obviously) and a big step for marvel, and probably iron man one (again, for the character portrayal and the start of such an iconic era). what about you?


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