in search of connection

Sometimes Physics is poetic.

The first time I read that everything is 99.9% empty space, I was near elated. It did not dawn on me the absolute impracticality of such information, just how much poetry I could write from that single fact. I didn’t really have an existential crisis where I doubted my whole being (isn’t that what 99.9% empty space would bring to you?), merely stored this piece of information at the back of my mind to be used some other day.

And that day came a few weeks ago, as I was writing a poem for my poetry film workshop.

In physics, matter is not matter/ and nothing ever touches/ no matter/ how close we are.

Right after I’d written this piece, I had the existential crisis I was supposed to have. I realized the gravity of my words and the implications, that our bodies never really touch and every inch between us becomes a thousand miles. I started to question the idea of human connection, and if we are never able to physically connect on an atomic level, how are we able to connect on other, arguably more meaningful levels.

(Of course I make no claims to what the physics behind this piece of information actually entails.)

I started to wonder how it is possible for twenty-six letters, seemingly randomly assembled, to reach across a page, and connect the mind of the reader to that of the writer (or characters, which ever way you see it). I thought about how funny it is that writers shut themselves away from the world, unplug some invisible wire that connect them, and write away simply just to anchor themselves deeper through their stories.

I’ve read somewhere, somewhen, that all writing, on the highest level, seeks to answer the question of connection. That in Romeo and Juliet, the connection between Romeo and Juliet eventually resolved the disconnection between their families.

My writing teacher once told me that we write the same stories until we have found the answers we pose. I guess it’s a comforting thought then, that all writers, and perhaps all human beings to that extent, is constantly searching for connection, searching for a way to lessen the thousands of miles between our every inch.

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