a quiet place – john krasinski

Rating: 4.5/5

In which Jim from The Office delivers such a powerful performance A Quiet Place has become the first horror movie that has managed to made me cry.

I’ve said before in another review that I was a sucker for horror/thriller movies and movies like A Quiet Place are the reason why. Other similar movies include The Babadook, Get Out, Gerald’s Game, movies that, on the one hand, is completely terrifying to watch, and on the other, is more than just the jump scares.

For the zero point five stars I deducted, I did have some minor issues with the movie:

  1. The baby was conceived AFTER the aliens had come. I mean, guys, come on.
  2. The scene where the alien was literally in front of Emily Blunt’s face? How can it have not heard the baby but picked up on the two children like a couple miles away? (I know it’s for plot and suspense purposes but inconsistencies always bug me)
  3. In terms of pace, the beginning felt slow to me, and there was no clear indication of plot.
  4. If the aliens couldn’t have found them underground (right after the baby was born), why didn’t they go underground sooner?

Despite those flaws, I did love the movie and the characters. The portraiture of familial conflict inside of the bigger, more menacing, blood-thirsty aliens gave a nice other dimension to the film. I loved the scene where the little girl goes to visit her brother’s grave and puts the toy plane down. Her obvious devastation and guilt makes her feel less worthy to her father, whom, to her at least, appears to love her less because of that. In parallel with this is the scene at the waterfall, where father and son and finally talk out loud.

I was completely blown away by Emily Blunt’s performance throughout the movie. Her gentleness with her kids paired very well with the strong, badass woman we get to see in the very last scene. And the tub scene? Just…wow.

The ending where John Krasinski’s character told his daughter that he loved her and then got torn apart was the emotional peak of this movie. I was left crying for a solid minute before realizing that the movie hadn’t really ended because even though the emotional conflict was resolved, the physical enemy was very present. This scene goes to show just how much a parent is willing to sacrifice to protect their children and how horror movies push humans to the extreme.


There were a lot of intricate details and a lot of beautiful shots: the monopoly pieces made from objects that won’t make any noise, the interior design of their house, the rundown store in the very first scene, the bare feet, the hearing aid behind the girl’s ear, HER ACTING, EMILY BLUNT, and so many more.

Just to cure some post-movie scares, here are some of the best A Quiet Place memes I’ve found on the internet (Creds to whoever made these):


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