avengers: endgame


Rating: 5/5

Before I started writing this, I low-key wanted to talk about how I got into Marvel movies and why I watch them. Besides the obvious fact that the visuals and heroes are badass, I love most of the characters, and that’s why End game was so good, the characters all ended up in the place where they were supposed to be, well, nearly all of them.

My first Marvel movie was, of course, Iron Man. I watched it about two years ago and I fell in love with the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Tony Stark. Much like Harry Potter, I deemed Marvel an exception to a genre I wouldn’t usually enjoy because of how fleshed-out and three-dimensional the characters were, and Endgame truly developed that idea.

I went into the movie theater expecting to cry more than Infinity War, I left feeling that there could not have been any other. Every character ended exactly where I think they were supposed to end up, which I’ll go more in depth later.

Endgame starts off with Tony and Nebula drifting in space and Tony delivering his goodbye speech for Pepper. And when all hope seems to be lost … Captain Marvel arrives and hauls the spaceship back to earth. It was surprising how little screen time that she got, but in the end, it made sense because her character arc had already been completed in her own movie.

After Tony is brought back to earth, the scattered Avengers fly to Thanos’ planet and discover that he has destroyed the infinity stones. Thor then proceeds to chop Thanos’ head off with his new ax. Five years later, Cap is going to support groups, Tony lives in seclusion with Pepper, Banner finally manages to balance himself and the Hulk, and Nat tries to hold the team together. Everything had calmed down.

Until Ant Man showed up, and Tony has to make a choice between continuing the life he had built for himself and risking it all for a slight chance of defeating Thanos. Of course, being Iron Man, he eventually decides to help the rest of the Avengers to complete a “time heist” of the infinity stones.

This choice seem very apt for Tony’s character, since his character arc has always been the question of Iron Man, which seems to me in hindsight, inevitably leading him towards the end.

the real mvp

Tony has always been my favorite MCU character, and I was devastated leaving the theater with tears streaming down my face and my chest heavy. However, it seemed to me that there couldn’t have been any other possible ending for Endgame. Every character ended where they were supposed to be (well, every major character. We still have so much more to see from Spider Man).

actual footage of me leaving the theater
When Nat and Clint arrived at that cliff, I knew immediately Nat was going to die. It was her death that for me, was the most tragic (we still haven’t got the Black Widow movie!). Nat was shown in the beginning to be the only person holding on to the Avengers, and she explains that it was because she had never found a family before. Nat’s story had ended long before the cliff, and it is there did she give her final sacrifice to the family she had gained.

And the final character who had a significant ending, Steve Rogers, though he refused to tell Sam, is shown in the last scene to be dancing with the woman he loved, Peggy Carter. Steve goes back in time and, after returning the infinity stones to their rightful places, chooses to stay and live out his life with Peggy. The life that had been stolen from him.

This was such a bittersweet ending and such an enjoyable movie, the Russo brothers really couldn’t have done it any better.


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