the oa: brit marling

Rating: 4.5/5 (Minor Spoilers)

In honor of the amazing series The OA, I’m finally going to write this review after months of finishing it.

The OA is the most inventive, experimental, and inspiring series on Netflix. Forget Stranger Things, watch one episode of The OA, and you’ll find yourself unable to stop.

The harrowing first scene of season 1 draws you in immediately as it shows the video footage of a girl jumping off a bridge. The girl is rescued, and we soon discover that her name is (was) Prarie Johnson, the same blind girl who had disappeared seven years ago, only now, she is no longer blind.


Prairie, or OA, refuses to tell either her adopted parents what had happened to her during the seven years she had disappeared, instead chooses to tell five complete strangers.

There are so many elements in The OA that make it unique. It’s told in almost framed narrative, where we learn about OA’s (Prarie) story through her telling the five people who believes. At first, there’s doubt nagging at the back of the viewer’s mind whether her story is true or not, but eventually, the producers offers us proof that her story is real. I didn’t necessarily like the fact that they made the decision for the audience to believe, but it was a minor factor in an overall amazing show.

The music, the cinematography, the actors … were all amazing, but the last scene of the first season (which, I won’t spoil but I really want to) is the definition of perfection. The show could’ve ended there, and it still would’ve been perfect.

I’m not a terribly big fan of sci-fi, but The OA proved that there was so much more to the genre than spaceships and blowing things up (not to say that I don’t enjoy those). Because I promised not to spoil anything, it’s really hard to describe The OA in terms of genre, plot, scenes I found interesting because it all intertwines together so well. Gah.

This post has turned into a love letter for Brit Marling, and I’m okay with that.

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