on soulmates

I’ve always been a fervent disbeliever of love at first sight, positively hating Romeo and Juliet when I first read it in ninth grade. I didn’t (and still don’t) believe that there’s one (and only one) person for every one of us.

But I’ve found myself strangely drawn towards certain people in my life. Three women, to be specific. P, A, and T. I’ve been thinking about the soulmates and why we dub the term only on romantic relationships. Couldn’t there be different types of soulmates, people who just click, in every and all types of our relationships?

Is it possible to have multiple soulmates then? And in that case, or probably before this case, what is the definition of a soulmate? Here I offer several explanations, all of them completely separate from each other and not many reflect how I think about it:

Definition 1, as provided by the Cambridge dictionary: someone, usually your romantic or sexual partner, who you have a special relationship with. The example it proceeds to give is: Later that year she met Adam and she instantly knew they were soulmates.

This definition (and particularly the example) brings up several interesting points. Firstly, the definition seems to drastically downplay what some deeply romanticize. The words special relationship especially make me chuckle. Second, the example raises up an interesting question of whether there is love at first sight, or in other words, recognition of your soulmate at first sight.

After A left, I’ve been thinking a lot about our friendship. I don’t know why my mind’s chosen to set her apart from all my other friends, most of whom, I’ve known longer and probably interacted more. I don’t know why I completely and absolutely trust her with almost anything, and how after so much time apart, we would still talk like no time has passed between us at all.

(Here is where I acknowledge that this blog post is barely a blog post, and more of a collection of random ramblings and potentially memories.)

A, do you remember all of our evening walks? Or maybe they were runs, because you showed me that skipping was still cool. All those walks around the lake? And the last night we saw each other, when I looked down at my phone and for a moment, was absolutely terrified that you had already left without me saying goodbye?

I hate goodbyes, which is why I suck at them, which is why I don’t think about them until I absolutely have to. I push off the inevitable with a mentality similar to “well, if it has to happen, why spend the little time we have worrying about it?” Probably not the healthiest one.

I have no idea what this post is turning into.

What I’m really trying to say is that, it’s been a year, A, and I really miss you. Whether we were soulmates or not, I value our friendship, and I’d hate for time and spacial distance to cut that off.

I guess that maybe, in some way, you (and P and T), are proof that a part of myself do believe in soulmates, no matter what my other opinions on love at first sight are. It’s strange, how a person can make you better by simply being themselves.

One thought on “on soulmates

  1. I love blog posts that are a collection of ramblings; it helps me process exactly what I’m thinking. 🙂 So good job for writing all of this out!

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